The 7 principles of improvement

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I’d like to put the nail in this one early on, as I think it’ll help keep a clear and direct path for not only all of the members, current and to-be, but it will also help to chart a course for Fresh Evolution Fitness as a whole. Like any community, we will all bring different views, different beliefs, different activities and habits into the picture. That’s the beauty of the internet. While this allows for some pretty cool things to happen organically, as a result of you awesome people interacting with each other, it can inevitably lead to some disagreements and discontentment. I’d like to keep this a positive, thriving and uplifting community, so I’m sharing a list of principles that I think will help us grow stronger and live healthier. As with all things, I’m open to suggestions and amendments, as long as it has the overall improvement of the population in mind. With that said, and without further ado…let’s get to it.

Anybody can join FEF, so long as they do so with the intent of self-improvement. Everyone can stay, so long as they maintain that intent.

Our community values support, both for the individual and for the group as a whole. While this does not mean that each member is required to be an active supporter, doing so is certainly looked favorably upon. On the contrary, any actions that are detrimental to a member’s well-being or that makes the member feel threatened or unsafe will be reviewed and may be grounds to be asked to leave. I don’t see this ever being a problem, considering the requirement of having a membership and the ability to make sure I know who our members are, but I want it in writing should it ever come up.

The entire purpose of Fresh Evolution Fitness, really my reason for living every day, is to improve the quality of life for all those that have the interest in doing so. Similar to #2, this does not require each member to be an overly active participant, but I do hope that all members have the intent of self-improvement at their core. Every bit of information I share, every word I type, every video I record and edit, every forum post…the books I read, course I take and videos I watch…it is ALL done to make the world a better place. That starts with making the individual a better person, and that starts with the person wanting that improvement and self-growth. Simply put, just keep a desire to get better.

I think one thing that makes this site and myself stand out is that I come from the heart. I’m not afraid to admit my faults or act goofy. I’m smart in some areas, but I have a lot to learn in others. If you know me, you know I love life and I’m not afraid to show it. Self-expression is encouraged to the limit that the individual is comfortable with. Some of you I already know, and I’m excited to see what the community will become with your personalities spread throughout it. Others I may not know as well, especially as this bad mofo grows and more people show up to the party. Either way, I encourage self-expression, I encourage getting out of your shell. Let others know your successes, share your failures. Show your victories and open your faults. You are safe here, this is your corner of the internet. As long as we all act like we’re at a friend’s house, act civilized, inspire each other and help one another grow, this will become an amazing vehicle for all things positive. There literally are no limits to what we can accomplish, and that begins with expressing yourself and painting on the picture with your colors.

This covers a broad range of topics. To keep it simple, I encourage all members to share their successes. I encourage all members to share their failures. I encourage all members to share their frustrations, their sources of gratitude, their happiness and their sadness. I appreciate if you want to share anything from the site to your social media pages. Let the world see what we’ve got here. Shout out what you want with the group, and send out what you’d like to the web.

Out of everything on the list, I think this may be the most difficult one to do. It’s one thing to have the intent. It’s another to make concrete plans to do something. And it’s yet another to actually take action and start moving forward on those plans. The percentages on those last three sentences decreases dramatically as they progress. Let me be clear, once you begin taking the action, you will feel resistance. You will want to quit. Those around you may not agree with what you do. They may even unintentionally make it more difficult for you. But let me be absolutely crystal clear on this…as you continue taking actions, one after the other, you will gain momentum. Inertia is a law of physics (again, see above, “I have a lot to learn”) but it also a law that applies directly to you. Once you get moving in one direction, it will become easier to remain moving. Just like the opposite, sitting on your butt. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. It becomes more difficult to get off your rear. Same goes with action. The more actions you take, the harder it becomes to go back to your old ways. I’m not requiring everybody to take action on everything I write, record or share…but what’s the point of being here if you’re not going to try and implement at least some of it? And again, win or lose, share it. Let everybody know how you’re doing. We’ll either congratulate you or help you find a way to succeed. But you can’t do either if you never take action.

When all is said and done, this is the one principle to take away from what we’ve got. I spoken before about where I came up with the name, Fresh Evolution Fitness. Fresh, because each day, each minute, each second we have a chance for a fresh start. With this in mind, a “bad day” loses its power, because at any point in time during that day, you have the ability to stop and turn it all around to your favor. Evolution because we should always be progressing, always moving forward. “There are a million ways to move forward, but only one way to stand still.” If you’re not, at the very least, improving yourself, how can we hope to make the world a better place? If you want to change your world, change yourself. If you want to change yourself, change your way of thinking. It all start with you and it grows from there. We all have the ability to make this an incredible community, and in turn, impact our bigger pictures. We only do that if we can learn to grow. Find ways to learn, to challenge yourself, to get comfortable living outside of your comfort zone. Find ways to EVOLVE.

Share with the community! How will you take action? How will you Evolve? Do you have any thoughts or questions on the principles? Share them below in the comments!

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    These, like anything in life, are not set in stone. More like mere guidelines. But they are open to amendment, as long as we maintain the good and growth of the community at heart.
    I’m excited to hear what you think!

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