Shoulder exercises

Mobility and warm ups - beginning exercises - advanced exercises

Building a strong pair of shoulders requires more than simple presses, that is, if you want them to be healthy and have good shoulder mobility as well. Below you'll find dozens of videos demonstrating our favorites, and some of our not-so favorites.


One of the best shoulder warm up and mobility exercises around.


An initial challenge until you get the hang of it, but a great way to warm up before a shoulder workout.

Free hang stretch

Start with a small amount of time. 10 seconds, 15 seconds, etc. Work your way up.

Band resisted wall slide

A great warm up option. Keep your heels, butt, back, head, and wrists on the wall as best you can.

Washinski Shoulder mobility

Great for shoulder mobility. Go light and focus on the muscles while keeping your abs and lower body engaged.

Right and wrong of shoulder warm up

The standard way does more to warm up the biceps than the shoulder. Try this instead.

Prone shoulder dislocates

Do not force yourself into the finish position if you can't get there comfortably. Work to increase your range of motion over time.

Shoulder dip stretch and strengthen

Be sure to keep tension on the muscles while you're in the bottom position.

Easy shoulder warm up routine

A quick warm up we came up with at the gym. Use light resistance and good form.

Scrape the rack press

Great for those with limited mobility and looking to build strength.

Stretch for better posture - no sound

Apologies on sound quality. But this stretch is great for anyone who works at a desk or drives for a living. It helps to open up the chest and biceps.

Dumbbell shoulder press

Great for building balanced, strong shoulders.

Dumbbell lateral raise

A good isolation exercise to develop your healthy shoulders.

Arnold shoulder presses

Helps to develop your full, round shoulders.

Resistance band shoulder press

A shoulder press you can do almost anywhere.

Seated cable shoulder press

A safe way to improve your overhead press with minimal risk.

Cable shoulder raises

A variety of cable raises to hit the front, middle, and rear delts.

Dead stop lateral raise

Increase your shoulder muscle's ability to contract on command.

Cable face pulls

Provides a great focus on your rear delts.

Dumbbell rear shoulder raise

Develop your rear shoulder, which is a commonly lagging area.

Chest supported reverse dumbbell fly

Takes your lower back and lower body out of the equation, allowing you to focus directly on your rear delts and upper back.

Single arm cable upright row

A good variation if you have shoulder pain.

Resistance band shoulder lateral raise

A lateral raise you can perform almost anywhere.

Javelin press

Challenges strength and stability. Start with a shorter bar or body bar if the barbell presents too much of a challenge.

Scarecrow press to snow angel

Works your shoulders in their full range. Looks easy, but trust me, it isn't.

Chaos farmer's carries

Great for building strength across the shoulder girdle.

Fat gripz chaos farmer's carries

Adding an element of grip strength.

4 way micro band pull apart

Good for hitting the smaller, stabilizing muscles of the back and shoulders.

Mini band lateral raise

A great way to do laterals anywhere you have a band.

Leaning cable lateral raise

More comfortable version of laterals. Also helps to emphasize the top ("cap") of your delts.

Bus drivers

A very challenging exercise for your delts. I personally hate these, in a good way.

Seated Y press into lateral

Alan helps you to add some variety into your shoulder routine.

Eccentric shoulder press

A great tip from Alan to improve your eccentric movement on the press.

Bottoms up kettlebell press

Adds a significant challenge to your shoulder press. Go light and grip strong.

Banded external rotation

I came up with this while trying to improve my external rotation. As always, start light and listen to your body.

Victory raise pull apart

This helps develop shoulder mobility and strength, while working your middle and lower traps as well. Great for posture.

Dead stop variations

Adding a little change in the positioning of the dumbbells helps you to emphasize different areas of your shoulders. Go slow and focus on the feel.

Chaos walking raise

This goes well with the static biceps stretch. Another way to build strength in the connective tissues of the biceps and shoulders.

Chaos kettlebell press

Be sure to sit tall and keep your abs and glutes active on this.

2-way micro band work

One of a variety of micro band exercises focused on the rear delts and upper back.

3 angle dumbbell lateral raise

Similar to the dead stop variations video, changing the angle of your work will change the focus of the exercise.

Micro band 3 direction exercise

An addition to our micro band pulling work. Great for the rear delts and upper back.

Micro band static walk backs

Get your core and lower body in on the action, while holding an isometric contraction to work your shoulders and upper back.

Micro band snow angels

Start light and keep your glutes engaged at all times. Another one that looks easy but definitely is not.

Hip supported victory raise

A different angle of the victory raise for your shoulder and middle/upper back. Great for posture. You can do these lying face down on an incline bench if the bar is uncomfortable.

Scrape the rack Washinski press

Working a bit of strength in a weak range. Listen to your body and don't press if it hurts. Many people avoid behind the neck presses for fear of injury.

How to set up chaos bands

How to set up chaos exercises for those still unsure.

Single arm chaos carry

Work your shoulders, upper back, and core.

Chaos barbell military press

One of the most challenging overhead exercises you can perform. Works strength and stability.

Chaos dumbbell shoulder press

A single arm version of the chaos military press.

Kneeling banded anti flexion press

This will challenge your core, your shoulders, and your triceps.

Barbell leverage press

These start out easy but get difficult quick. Take smaller movements side-to-side for increased difficulty.

New Exercises Coming Soon!