Recovery and warm up

Recovery and warm up exercises

**Arranged from head-to-toe as you scroll down**

Basics of SMR

A very simple, if not inaccurate breakdown meant to give you an idea of the benefits of SMR.

Different SMR options

Presenting a few ideas and options on how you can begin incorporating SMR (Self Myofascial Release).

Traps dumbbell stretch and row

Stretching a muscle under tension is a good way to dramatically increase the stretch. Finishing with a contraction may help maintain strength after the stretch, as well.

Traps dumbbell stretch

If you are stretching a muscle under tension, be sure it's not already inflamed or injured.

Shoulder dislocation

A standing variation. More advanced than the laying version.

Barbell stretch for desk workers - no sound

Apologies for the poor sound quality. But this is a good stretch for opening up the chest, the shoulders, and the biceps.

Upper back release

Great for people who work desk jobs or drive. May improve your posture if done with a training program.

Latissimus dorsi (lats) release

One of the common upper body problem areas. Not pleasant to do, but important.

Lats stretch

Your lats are a very big, wide muscle. Taking proper care of them helps your shoulders, back, and posture.

Rollerball glute release

You may look funny, especially if your glutes are sore, but holy cow does this work.

Hip flexor complex release

If you have tight hips, they can lead to back pain or other negative factors.

Hip flexor stretch options

Tight hips are a common cause of back pain and can lead to poor form in other exercises, leading to more pain.

Quads stretch

Keeping your quads loose can help prevent knee and even hip pain.

IT band release

The most common problem area for knee pain is a tight IT band. Here's a solution that may help.

Adductors release

Another very commonly tight area' Tight adductors can pull your knees in, leading to a number of issues.

Hamstring release

This is one option to get the blood flowing in tight or sore hamstrings.

Hamstring stretches

Tight hamstrings can lead to pulls or strains, which are one of the most difficult injuries to fully recover from.

Calf release

Commonly tight among runners and jumpers. If avoided, tight calves can lead to achilles problems, knee pain, and more.

Calf stretches

One of the easiest stretches to do. Be careful not to over-stretch though, as that can cause more problems. Focus on feeling the muscle stretch.

New Exercises Coming Soon!