My first post…Awwww

So I’ve been working tirelessly on setting up the site. Getting everything all pretty like for everybody. Making sure everything goes smoothly. Adding all the fixins. Kinda sounds like I’ve been preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

But inevitably, I have to write this, my first ever internet post. I think 5 years from now I’ll look back on this and smile. Not because it’ll probably still have 0 comments on it, lol, but because it signifies something more, something greater.

Let me explain. When I started setting all of this up, I was coming from a much simpler interface for the old site. It was great, because it was simple…but it sucked, because it was simple. I was limited in what I could do. I had so many ideas that I wanted to desperately do, but couldn’t, due to the limitations of the service. (, if anybody is wondering. A great way to start, but limited in the long run) But I digress.

I’ve been working on setting all of this up, learning some coding again, looking for quality membership and payment software, designing the site, ironing out the bugs, learning some more things that were waaaaaaayyy out of my comfort zone. There were quite a few times that I questioned what I was doing. I got mad a few times and said out loud, to my myself, “why the hell did I even do this? I should’ve just stayed with what I had.” But I knew if I kept pushing, kept learning, kept making mistakes, and kept reading and watching lots of how-to’s (thank you YouTube!!) that I would eventually get it.

So here we are. Launch day. September 19th, 2015. I’m so excited to see what everybody thinks. But more so, I’m excited to see what this can become.

Between the chains of the previous website, and the self-imposed chains I’ve carried for years, I feel free for the first time in a long time. Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I had this much enthusiasm for the future and it’s possibilities. I’m excited to see where this community of ours can go. I’m excited to see the site grow. I’m excited to see what everybody can pull from the information and services I provide. I’m excited to hopefully continue to make a difference in the lives of every one that joins the Fresh Evolution Fitness family.

But more than any of it…I’m excited to see what YOU can do when you are faced with a struggle and you remember this short post…and you refuse to give up, knowing that if you keep trying, keep working, keep attacking from different angles…eventually YOU will succeed as well. (And then you can share it here and show everybody how awesome you are!!) BOOM.

Tell me, what was a big challenge that you’ve overcome? Or one that you’re in the process of overcoming? Post it in the comments below! Keep the discussion going!

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  1. Becoming a fitness instructor for senior citizens was a huge challenge for me….and orginally out of my comfort zone. It’s not something I thought I would ever be doing…….but I orignally agreed to do it short term to help out while the full time instructor recovered from surgery.

    Now here I am almost a year later…..I LOVE what I do!!!! And the seniors love me. It’s been such a success that the senior center has asked me to stay on board as their only paid fitness instructor.
    I hope to continue to over come my fears and learn more and progress as a senior fitness instructor.

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      That’s crazy, because that’s almost exactly how I got started with Silver Sneakers. The gym owner asked me to cover temporarily, because 2 of the other trainers weren’t currently certified in anything. I didn’t even have anybody show up for class for the first 3 months. I’ll never forget how, when I finally had a husband and wife show up, I got so nervous!! I had a dvd that I had studied and written down everything on, lol. I would teach class and flip through the notepad as I was teaching. I ended up teaching that class for about 2 years and got it up to about 16 or 17 seniors, but then I ended up giving it to another instructor so I could teach small group classes of a more intense level, the Monday/Wednesday morning mania classes…how’s that for 6 degrees of Silver Sneakers? lol. The moral of both of our stories? Get out of your comfort zone, because good things happen when you do!

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