Lower body

Lower body exercises

Squats, deadlifts, lunges and more for your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. **Exercises increase in difficulty as you scroll down**

Everyone loves a strong lower body. It's important for all forms of athletic performance, a great way to burn calories to lose weight or stay lean, and directly related to longevity and quality of life. Search through the videos below to build your booty, develop strong legs, or to simply get a good sweat going.

Air squat

Bodyweight only. A good beginner exercise or warm up.

Sumo air squat

Similar to the air squat, only with more emphasis on your glutes. Also opens up your hips.

Goblet squat

Like an air squat, only with weight. Helps to improve your squat form and technique.

Abductor machine

A great machine to work your glutes with a small adjustment.

Leg extensions

When done correctly, this is a good way to isolate your quads and focus on different areas.

Seated hamstring machine

A good exercise to effectively isolate your hamstrings.

Barbell back squat

Considered the king of exercises. Nothing builds your lower body strength like the back squat.

Barbell front squat

Puts more emphasis on your quads. A better option if you have hip troubles with back squats.

Dumbbell deadlift

Helps to develop your lower body strength. Good for those not ready for the barbell or trap bar deadlifts yet.

Cable deadlift

A good option for those who don't like barbell or trap bar deadlifts.

Trap bar (hex bar) deadlift

Usually, the most comfortable deadlift. Allows for a more natural lift with less pressure on your back.

Barbell deadlift

The best exercise for developing your hamstrings, glutes, lower back and core. Many variations, many benefits.

Straight leg dumbbell deadlift

Great for focusing on your glutes and hamstrings.

Single leg deadlift

Great for identifying hip and core imbalances.

Swiss ball glute bridge

Add an element of stability in to your glute bridge routine. A good warm up or beginner version.

Reverse lunge

A lunge variation which is usually easier on your knees.

Forward lunge

The classic lunge. Great for individual leg development and hip strength.

Walking lunges

Fantastic for your legs, hips, and glutes. Pay attention to the cues in the video.

Step ups

Great for individual leg and glute development. Provides a better stretch in the glutes than lunges.

Single leg squat

Great for developing individual leg strength and stability.

Side lunge

It's important to work your body in more directions than just forward. Side lunges are a great option to do exactly that.

Curtsy lunge

A lunge variation which focuses on your outer quads. This may put pressure on your knees for some.

Cable pull through

A unique way to challenge and keep constant tension on your glutes.

Fast hamstring warm up

Do a few sets of 10-20 reps on each leg to get the blood flowing.

Glute hell

The name says it all.

Bulgarian split squat

Depending on your positioning, challenge your glutes or your quads like no other.

Swiss ball single leg glute bridge

A more advanced version. These are not easy, as you can see in the video.

Chaos squat tips for set up

A few things to keep in mind for the chaos squat.

Chaos barbell back squat

Add a whole new level of challenge to your squats.

Leaning camels

Great for developing lagging quads. Move slow and with intent. If you feel knee pain, try re-positioning your feet.

TRX hamstring curls and bridge

One of the more difficult hamstring exercises you can do. Adds an element of stability.

5 position pause deadlift

These are a personal favorite for breaking sticking points, developing strength, and improving form in the deadlift.

6 position pause back squat

Similar to the pause deadlift, if you have weak links in your chain this will bring them out.

Barbell bench back squat

A good variation to help build strength and power out of the hole.

Slow motion back squat

Removing momentum helps you to focus on the muscles and your form, as well as increasing the challenge.

Hexbar deadlift form check (silent)

A quick video to help improve form and focus in the deadlift. Apologies for the sound quality.

Heel elevated hexbar deadlift

Puts an emphasis on your quads, rather than strictly glutes.

Banded straight leg dumbbell deadlift

Adding resistance in the form of the band will help you focus on follow through and glute development.

Slow motion deadlift

Improve your form, strengthen your muscles, and challenge yourself by removing momentum from the lift.

Landmine Romanian deadlift

A great variation of the Romanian deadlift with a very under-used piece of equipment.

Kettlebell swing variations

A few different options to easily change up your kettlebell swing routine.

Kettlebell swing basics

Learn the basics of kettlebell or dumbbell swings.

Double kettlebell swing

If your gym doesn't go heavy enough, grab two kettlebells and get swinging. Be sure to have a wide enough stance and strong grip so you don't hit your knees.

Squat jumps

Great for adding explosiveness to your lower body.

Wall ball / Squat toss

A great explosive exercise sure to make your shoulders and legs burn.

Dumbbell thrusters

Build your lower body and overhead pressing explosiveness.

Dumbbell snatch

Helps to develop explosiveness in your posterior chain and improve hip extension explosion.

Landmine squat to press

This works everything in your body from head to toe. Be sure to lock your glutes when pressing overhead.

Landmine squat to press

Works just about everything in your body from head to toe. Be sure to squeeze your glutes at the top.

Front rack double kettlebell box step up

A good way to add weight to a step up that challenges your upper body and core strength as well.

Advanced leaning camel

Increasing the intensity by adding upper body movement and static tension to the quads.

Banded kettlebell swings

Level up your kettlebell swing explosive power.

Banded kettlebell swing - side view

Adding resistance with a band to increase explosiveness.

Partner resisted kettlebell swings

When a banded resisted kettelebell swing simply won't cut it...have your partner "help" you out.

Weighted box drags

If your gym doesn't have a sled, these are a great way to burn your quads up quickly.

Banded trap bar deadlift

Helps develop explosiveness. Start lighter and be sure to have secure anchors.

How to set up chaos exercises

How to set up for chaos set for those still unsure.

Chaos barbell back squat - side view

A simple side view of the chaos squat.

Paused reps barbell front squat

Great for maintaining tension and improving flexibility under load.

Chaos deadlifts

This is what happens when I get bored in the gym. They require a bit of set up and you need to go light, but they are a fun variation if you're looking for something new.

New Exercises Coming Soon!