Let’s do a little experiment…

Since today is my first day back from a vacation well-spent, I thought I would jump right back into the thick of things in the only way I know how…full steam ahead.

I do want to thank everybody for allowing me to completely disconnect from the internet, texts, messages, emails and all that good stuff. I’m getting back at everything today and should be caught up by the end of the week.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m a very “all or nothing” kind of person. I do think this is a form of OCD, not the kind where I have to check the doorknob twenty times before I can leave the house, but in the same vein nonetheless. I would say I believe that anything worth doing right is worth overdoing, but I think there are certainly limits to that, and that train of thought can actually become quite detrimental to one’s health.

All of this is leading to me making a small announcement.

I want to be better at blogging. I love writing, I love sharing my thoughts, experience, and coaching knowledge…but I want to be better.
Again, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing RIGHT. Now THAT, I can get behind.

So with that in mind, I’m going to begin a small experiment where I will be writing at least one blog every day. I only intend to do it for the remainder of 2015. I think that getting myself into a groove of consistently writing and producing material for all you awesome members is something that I desperately need to do.

I need change. I CRAVE it. I need challenge as well. And when I don’t change or challenge myself, I start to lose interest. I realize and recognize that needs to stop.

If everybody that I train quit when they weren’t changing or weren’t challenged, I would inevitably lose all of you. There are going to be slow times in any endeavor. There are going to be moments of stagnation. They are signs that we need to regroup, recuperate and refocus. But not lose interest. Not abandon our mission. Not give up on our goals.

I know I will respond well to putting myself through a demanding challenge like this. The first week or two may be a bit challenging, but once I’ve found my groove (cue the disco music), I’ll be rocking and rolling until the cows come home. Wait…do I even own any cows?

The other side of this experiment may be a little more exciting to you, you beautiful ray of unicorn sunshine and bubbles, you.

Fresh Evolution Fitness is about Fitness….WHAAAAA?!?! I know, shocker. But I also have had some realizations during my vacation. I want this website to become a community of awesome, healthy, fitness minded individuals who are making changes and striving to become their own hero. I want it to be a place where you can all come and learn, share, grow, progress and prosper. Whether through my words or videos, my training, nutrition, or lifestyle coaching, or through other members of the community, like Charity’s Yoga posts and knowledge, or Heather’s awesome recipes…the possibilities are endless. But I realized that if I want to really allow this baby to grow, that I should allow my posts to branch out. I have a lot more information bouncing around in this melon-head of mine that I’m not sharing because I wasn’t sure if I could connect it to fitness or not.

But, now, I’m looking at things differently. Fitness will still be the main focus of the site. I’ll still share tips and tactics to get results and continue to make progress in all your health and fitness goals. Only now I’ll be sharing any other bits of information that I think will help you become a better person. Anything that can help you progress in life is fair game.

I think I’ve struggled with consistency in the past. Partly because I have a tendency to take on too much at once or partly because I don’t make proper use of my time (GASP! I’m Human!! lol) But I think this can help me overcome that fault. Bear with me as I find my way through the first week or two of instilling this habit. Some of the posts may be gold, but some may be poo…actually, no. I refuse to share poo with you. I’m stingy with my poo, lol. I don’t want anybody to suffer through my poo. But not every post will be a home run. I’m allowing myself that bit of extra slack just in case.

Because after all, this is just an experiment.

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  1. I like this experiment .. and with the fall weather i believe I am going to try to spend 15 minutes Tues wed to sit outside and journal in the evening .. find my why and gain some consistency 🙂

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