Experimental exercises

Experimental exercises

Exercises that pop up in my head and cause me to have an evil grin. Try at your own risk.

These are generally going to be in the "very high" level of difficulty and are not meant for the general public. If these seem too intense, check out our other exercise video pages, separated by body part and organized by difficulty.

Alphabets up AND down

Also known as "what would happen if we did alphabets while holding a hollow?" The answer...ab pain.

Slamball body bar abs and back

A killer for core and for you middle and upper back. Another not fit for public consumption but great googly moogly does it work.

Slamball Palloff press

This one hurts just re-watching us. Make sure your feet are stable and your partner has a good grip on the band...and that you trust each other.

A new banded kettlebell swing

When one band on your feet won't cut it. Helps to really load the downswing momentum.

Partner band resisted sprints

Aka "Hold on baby!" and "I like to go fast." Do these for sets of 8 to 12 seconds.

Banded deadmill sprints

If the deadmill sprints just aren't enough. Make sure your partner is strong. #MarryStrong 😉

Partner banded backpedals

Grab a partner and a band. Both of you get low and stay low. Try to go for 60 seconds against maximum resistance...and oh, make sure you hold onto the handles.

Wifey lifts

When you decide to make your spouse your equipment.

Hover shrug deadlifts

It's not always about the weight, it's about how high you shrug it and how low you can hover with it.

Ab killer cardio!

A few ways to work the treadmill and bike that you probably haven't tried...and one way you probably won't in public, unless somebody dared you to.

New Exercises Coming Soon!