Chest exercises

**Difficulty increases as you scroll down**

Push ups

The classic. Do them correctly to protect your shoulders and work more than your chest.

Bosu ball push ups

Add a little challenge to your push up routine. Good to spur new growth.

Seated cable chest press

A great alternative for your chest. Provides a different feel than dumbbells or barbell. No spotter required.

Pec deck machine fly

Helps to add width to your chest. Also provides a good stretch to the tissue.

Seated cable chest flyes

A step between a seated machine fly and standing cable flyes.

Machine incline chest press

A good beginning way to focus on the upper chest.


An easy way to target your chest with no equipment. Your hip position will determine the emphasis.

Barbell bench press

The standard by which all chest exercises are measured. "How much ya bench?"

Dumbbell bench press

One of the best chest exercises if you have trouble using a barbell.

Single arm dumbbell bench press

More challenging than the standard. Incorporates your core to a higher degree.

Incline barbell chest press

Focuses on your upper chest. Be sure to have a spotter.

Incline dumbbell chest press

Less stress on your shoulders. Great for focusing on your upper chest.

3 angle banded flyes

Your angles determine the emphasis on your pec muscles. Change it up with this quick exercise.

Mini band chest stretch into press

We believe in keeping muscles strong AND flexible to maximize strength and minimize injury and soreness. This is a great way to do that for your chest.

Sidestep push ups

A more challenging push up variation. Challenges your core and total upper body.

Bird dog push ups

More difficult than the Sidestep push ups. Challenges your core, glutes, and upper body.

Plyo push ups

Develop explosiveness in your chest and triceps.

How to set up chaos exercises

For anyone unsure of how to set up for chaos exercises.

Chaos incline kettlebell press

Chaos lifts challenge your stabilizer muscles and help you to focus on the desired muscles. Keep your butt engaged and start with a light weight. Pink kettlebells are optional.

Chaos incline kettlebell press - side view

A side view of the kettlebell chaos press. Again, go slow and focus on the muscles.

Single arm Palloff press

These will challenge your core, your chest, and your arms all at once. Keep your butt flexed and abs engaged.

Chaos push ups

These are an advanced exercise that will literally have your entire upper body shaking. Go slow and don't bounce.

Partner lying slamball chest pass

Good for developing explosiveness in the chest without the added stress to the wrists of plyo push ups.

Partner chest pass into plyo push ups

Great for developing explosiveness (my form could be better here, try to keep your hips locked and throw AS you're falling forward)

New Exercises Coming Soon!