Cardiovascular exercises

Work the engine that powers your entire body. **Difficulty increases as you scroll down**

You'll find a growing library of cardio exercise options down below. We're big believers in keeping our workout routines new and exciting, while using some classic exercises as well.

Get up get downs

Looks easy, right? Work your whole body, especially your cardiovascular system. 

Wall ball chest slams

These will develop explosive strength in your pushing as well as challenge your breathing.

Floor ball slams

Build explosive lats and triceps, strengthen your core, and challenge your heart.

Wall ball / Squat toss

A great cardio exercise sure to make your shoulders and legs burn.

Squat jumps

Add explosiveness to your lower body and challenge your cardiovascular system.

Deadmill intro

Get ready to challenge yourself...without ever turning the treadmill on.

Deadmill walk

The first level of difficulty in deadmill exercises. Good to start here and build a base.

Deadmill drags

Challenge your quads and your cardio at the same time.

Partner band resisted backpedals

Grab a partner and a band and kiss your quads and lungs goodbye.


From beginner burpees to more advanced. Burpees are a great total body exercise. 

Frog burpee

Total body. A tougher, quicker version of everyone's favorite exercise.

Battlerope into burpees

Push hard for 12-20 seconds on the rope and perform burpees for time directly after. Weight vest is optional.

Partner band resisted sprint

Grab a partner and a band.

Protip: it's better if you're the bigger person.

Deadlift shrugs into hover

Pick the deadlift of your choice and use about 30% of your max lift. Shrug at the top, do NOT let the weight touch at the bottom. Go for time.

Deadmill jog

Challenge your cardiovascular system and your legs...and your mental fortitude.

Deadmill sprints

Almost to the top of the deadmill pyramid. Push hard, run fast, rest and repeat.

Band resisted deadmill sprint

Just when you thought it couldn't get any tougher...

New Exercises Coming Soon!