Bodyweight and resistance bands

Bodyweight exercises and resistance bands

Perfect when you're at home, traveling, or in a pinch for time.

Get up get downs

Challenge your whole body. Not as easy as they look. 


Work your upper body and core with no equipment.

Push ups

The old classic. When done correctly, they work much more than your chest.

Frog burpees

A quicker, tougher variety on the standard burpee.

Chin ups

Work your back and your core. All you need is a bar and you. 

Pull ups

The tougher version of chin ups. More focused on your back, less focus on your biceps. 

Air squats

Great for a warm up or workout, no equipment needed. 

Sumo air squats

Put more of a focus on your glutes and open up tight hips with this variation.

Squat jumps

An explosive exercise to work your legs and heart at the same time. 

Single leg deadlifts

Identify your imbalances and improve your balance and hip strength.

Reverse lunges

This are often easier on the knees than the traditional lunge. Great to develop individual leg strength.

Side lunges

Work your glutes and outer quads. Be sure to pay attention to form. These can be a little tougher on your knees. 

Single leg squats

More challenging than a lunge. Setting the bench higher is easier, lower is more difficult. 

Forward lunge

The classic lunge. Helps to build your leg and hip strength. 

Curtsy lunge

Don't do these if your knees hurt. More advanced and can help focus on the outer sweep of your quads. 

Resistance band rows

Work your upper back with these. Be sure to have a sturdy anchor for the band.

Resistance bands pull aparts

The basics of using bands for pull aparts to work your upper back

Straight arm pulldown with bands

Work your upper back and your abs at the same time. 

Triceps kickback with bands

A variation of kickbacks you can do anywhere. 

Overhead triceps extension with bands

Resistance bands biceps curl

Work your biceps anywhere with bands.

Resistance bands shoulder press

Work your shoulders anywhere with bands.

Resistance bands lateral raise

Build your shoulders anywhere with bands.

Anti rotation for core

A great challenge for your midsection. Be sure to use a sturdy anchor for your band. 

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