Biceps and triceps

Biceps and triceps

Build your arms and turn some heads.

Triceps bench dips

An easy exercise you can perform anywhere.


Use the assisted machine to build strength if you're unable to perform bodyweight.

Triceps cable pressdown

The standard triceps exercise seen in gyms all over the world.

Reverse grip pressdown

Give yourself a different feel to the standard triceps exercise.

Triceps cable kickback

Good for isolating your triceps, although you can recruit some rear delt into it as well.

Overheard cable triceps extension

Train your triceps' weak point. Be sure to engage your glutes and abs to protect your lower back.

Front overhead cable extension

Helpful for those unable to comfortably perform the behind the head variation due to shoulder or neck pain.

Banded overhead triceps isolation extension

One small, very useful tweak allows you to dial in and focus on your triceps.

Overhead dumbbell extension

Useful for going heavy. Be careful not to go for a full range of motion, focus on the triceps.

Overhead triceps ascending ladder

Keep tension in your triceps of your off hand to maximize stretch and minimize injury to the elbow or shoulder.

Dumbbell kickbacks

Another classic exercise. Remember, don't swing the weights, lift with a purpose.

Resistance band kickbacks

Great if you have a sturdy anchor but don't have access to a cable machine or dumbbells.

Mini band triceps pulldown

A good triceps option if you don't like waiting on the cable machine.

Banded triceps extension

An advanced triceps exercise. Doing these with towels or straps is difficult, using your bands takes it to a new level. Keep your core and glutes engaged!

Standing dumbbell curls

The staple biceps builder.

Bent over dumbbell curls

Good for isolating the biceps. Changing the angle of your elbows will change the emphasis on your muscle.

Dumbbell hammer curl

The best exercise for building your brachioradialis.

Cable hammer curl

Helps keep constant tension on your biceps. Flare out at the top for added contraction.

Preacher curls

Somewhere in the world, right now, 1000's of people are doing this exercise.

Cable leaning biceps curl

A great option for those with shoulder pain during a standard biceps curl.

Overhead cable curl

Changing the angle of a lift is a good way to spur new growth.

EZ-bar curl

Puts less stress on the elbows and wrists than a straight bar curl.

Reverse grip EZ-bar curl

Good for strengthening your brachioradialis, as well as your wrists.

Resistance band curls

A simple biceps exercise option you can perform anywhere.

Banded biceps combo

Hit the contracted and stretch positions of your biceps.

Banded bicep stretch and curl

We're big believers in keeping muscles strong AND flexible. This is a good way to do exactly that with your biceps. Start light!

How to set up chaos sets

In case you're unsure of how to set up chaos exercises.

Chaos dumbbell biceps curl

Challenge your biceps and your wrists. Wobble wobble wobble...

Biceps dumbbell circuit

A brief circuit to hit different angles of your biceps. Use a lighter weight and aim for 8 to 12 reps on each exercise.

Gun show biceps exercise

Perform 5 reps with one arm while holding a static curl (90 degrees), alternate arms, and repeat for the desired number of sets.

Mini band biceps curl

Another easy to do biceps option that can be done anywhere with a band.

Dead stop barbell biceps curl

Allowing the muscles to relax momentarily between reps is a great way to challenge to your biceps

Static biceps dumbbell stretch

Start light on these. Weighted static stretches are a good way to strengthen your connective tissue. Also, if your biceps become too tight, they can cause shoulder issues or be prone to tears.

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