3 actions you need for a good life

Hello, hello. Today I wanted to share a realization I had over the weekend that I think may help some of you out there who are struggling with achieving your goals or feeling like you’re never going to be a pro in your field. It can be a struggle to turn your dream into a reality. But when the process takes longer than expected or we don’t see the signs of progress and improvement that we’re hoping for, a whole new level of pain arises.

After having dealt with this myself over and over, I have a few thoughts on the matter. Let’s dig in…

A strong conviction.

As you can probably tell, with a word like “Evolution” in the name of my company and on my business cards, I’m a strong proponent of constant improvement. You could see it on the old What is Fresh Evolution page (now deleted, because…improvement).

If you were to take a tour of my apartment this conviction would be just as obvious. It’s how most of you would probably imagine. Inspiring quotes and moving images taped up all over. Multiple dry erase boards with current goals, plans, and achievements. Even the bathroom mirror isn’t safe from my brain.

I realized it made a great impromptu dry erase board long before I bought my first official one. I’ve continued the practice of writing down reminders, goals, important dates, etc. Some stay for months, others go as soon as their significance has expired.

One, in particular, has a lot of meaning. It only recently joined the fold but I can tell it’ll be a great reminder for years to come.


Lucky for you, it’s also on one of my boards. So you’re welcome, there will be no toilet-in-the-background pics around here.

Good old Zig.

I came across the thought when listening to a Zig Ziglar talk. In it, he said you have to Be before you can Do, and you have to Do before you can Have.

That really hit home for me at a time when I was wondering why I wasn’t making the progress that I hoped for. I then realized that I was making the progress, but it just didn’t seem to move as fast as I wanted.

Huh, an impatient achiever…go figure.

Once Zig’s words sank in, I realized he was spot on. How many of you are familiar with “Act as if,” the idea that if you’re not where you want to be yet, you act as if you are? There’s a certain amount of power in that.

You live in alignment with what you want to do and funny things start to happen in your favor. Things like:

  • Stumbling across a book at the right time.
  • Meeting a powerful contact.
  • A new business opportunity opening up.
  • Seeing a movie that shifts your perspective.
  • Having a powerful realization.

Thanks to Zig, that last one happened to yours truly. I realized that everything was happening like it was supposed to and that I had to keep putting in the work, mentally, physically, and chronologically. I had made the mental shift to Being and was in the process of Doing. I knew I could be patient as long as I can see the bigger picture. Be-Do-Have helped me do exactly that. But there’s more…

The realization.

I love a good realization. They can be powerful moments of clarity that help us awaken the sleeping giant. Or a trail of breadcrumbs we lay out for our brains to follow to an insightful pot of gold. Sometimes they can sound obvious when spoken to somebody else, but when associated with a new thought pattern in our brains we finally grasp the renewed power they’ve been patiently waiting to offer.

The reason you’re reading this post and the reason I’m sharing it came in the form of a realization I had when I happened to glance at the Be-Do-Have in the bathroom mirror. I began to think about where I was on my current journey. How close (or far) am I from my goals? Am I doing the right things to become who and what I envision? Am I “acting as if” enough?

And then it hit me.

We are all, at any point in time, in a constant process of Be-, Do-, and Having. See? Doesn’t sound too impressive, at first.

But how many of you reading this right now have a goal you desperately want to attain? Do you ever get frustrated thinking you’re not making any progress, or that progress is too slow, at best?

Stop and realize you always have only 2 options here. 

You can either make the decision to take a step towards your goal by some action or you can choose to not do anything that day and let your goal remain in the further future. It’s your choice. Be and Do to bring it closer to fruition or Don’t Be and Don’t Do to keep it as a pie in the sky. You can’t speed up time, you can only speed up your actions and decisions.

By doing both, making more decisions and taking more actions, you increase your likelihood of success.

If you realize whether you ARE doing both or ARE NOT, you’re still making a choice about where you’ll end up in your life.

So you see, in all endeavors, we are all ALWAYS in a state of BE-DO-HAVE.

The only questions are:

What do you want to BE?

What do you want to DO?

What do you want to HAVE?

And finally, what are you doing today?

Go kick today in the butt!!

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  1. I want to thank you. I have been in a dark place of late and have been having difficulty coming out of it. You posted this with a link back to a post I did two years ago. I appreciate that, and I really appreciate your timing. Thank you.

    1. Post

      You are very welcome! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been in a dark place, not that you need my pity. Speaking from experience, it can be tough to see the light. It’s like you know deep down that you should reach for it but you don’t always feel like it. I had years of difficulty and depression. Finally understanding that my life is in my hands, that I’m literally the ONLY person who was going to pull me out, and that I had to keep trying until I found my answers are the realizations that led me outward and upward.
      Even though I don’t know you, you’ve got a friend on this corner of the internet. Start small with a smile and build upon it. They can become quite infectious.

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