What is Fresh Evolution Fitness?

Who is Andy Frisch?

I’m passionate about helping my clients look, feel, think, and perform better. 

We do this through customized exercise programs and nutrition & lifestyle coaching.


But that’s just part of the story.
What’s my aim with Fresh Evolution?
My overriding desire is to constantly grow, in any and every area, so I can give back to the Fresh Evolution Fitness community.
After all, the only true victory is the victory over oneself.

Andy Weight Loss Engineering

Andy showing the power of Weight Loss Engineering

Hence the Evolution.
This led me to a new passion and joy.
Teaching people the ability to optimize their mind, body, and life.
What do I offer to every member of the community?


In addition to the nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise coaching services I offer directly from this site,

From blogs to exercise videos, I provide tons of free resources to further your personal development.

View the book and product reviews and try one out.

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If you value the idea of constant improvement and would like to live your best life ever, my friend, you’ve found the right place.

Fresh Evolution is perfect for you if:

  • You want to live a healthy, happy life

    What that actually means is different for everyone. We keep it simple: Just no crab-asses or jerks allowed. Respect yourself, respect other members.

  • You're not afraid of a little hard work

    I won’t sugarcoat it, change takes time. Learning how to move and eat right takes effort. All I ever ask is that you TRY and that you give me 100% of your effort for the day.

  • You want to get better (and better...and better)

    This is the only life we get. Why not learn how to do the most we can with the little bit of time we’re given? Live healthy, live happy, sweat a little, laugh a lot and pass on our lessons to the next person looking to improve.


The community

Join a community of strong, caring people who have adopted the change process and have learned to enjoy improving themselves. Read, see and watch more about their success here.


An expert who truly cares!

I’m Andy Frisch. I’m the founder and owner of Fresh Evolution Fitness, LLC. I consider myself a bit of a fitness, nutrition and lifestyle optimization nut. And I know I’m blessed to be able to impact so many people in such a positive way.

Crazy hat guy...just look at him, he's crazy!

Why join?

There are simply too many crazy people on the internet and too much bad information.
Stay current with the cutting-edge and time-tested methods on an inspired, informed and hard-working website. Sign up is free. With ZERO obligation, you won’t want to miss out on another day!

Fresh Evolution Features

  • Informed and Inspired Blogs

    Fresh blog posts on a broad range of subjects helping you to improve your quality of life, health, and happiness

  • Engaging and Energetic Videos

    100+ How-to exercise videos free to members so you know what you’re doing. 300+ vlogs on YouTube.

  • Always Growing

    New additions added regularly to keep you current.

  • Effective Weight Loss Engineer™ Coaching

    In-depth nutritional coaching that changes with you. Never get stuck on the scale again.

  • Efficient Weight Loss Engineer™ Coaching

    360° lifestyle management to fit your busy schedule. Take back your time and your life.

  • Most Importantly, YOU!

    I would be nothing without people like you. People who want to improve how they live, eat, move, feel, and laugh. IT’S TIME TO LIVE BETTER.

Ok, I’m ready.
How do I apply to train with Fresh Evolution Fitness?

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Big Button of Awesomeness
There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.Hemingway
If you haven’t noticed, I’m big on community. I’m big on learning, inspiring, laughing and sweating. I’m a big believer in empowering others to realize their dreams, turn them into goals and then chase them down and achieve them. Fresh Evolution Fitness is a direct reflection of those beliefs and practices. The members of this community have not only lost large amounts of weight, they’ve become active and have gained abilities they never would’ve dreamed of previously. They’ve then turned around and shared those beliefs and activities to their loved ones. Each one, teach one. That’s how awesomeness spreads. If you want to become a part of one of the most knowledgeable, responsive, and strongest sites…if you want to have a professional trainer and friends who have succeeded in overcoming their struggles and continue to set new goals, who can help you find and reach your happiest, healthiest lifestyle…if you want something different than the information overload and all the yelling that the typical fitness websites offer, then you’ve found the right place.

Count me in!

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Big Button of Awesomeness

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