Online Fitness & Nutrition Training with a Personal Touch 

Get results from a real coach, not a computer.
Per Month


Professional feedback on your current workout
Professional feedback on your current nutrition and supplementation
Initial guidance on your next step
The best price/quantity plan
Per Month

Gold Coaching Package

Four weeks of:
Three professionally designed workouts per week
Two thorough nutrition & supplementation sessions per month
Light Coaching Support* (see FAQ below)
Free assessment included
Per Month

Platinum Coaching Package 

Four weeks of: 
Improved results: 6 professionally designed workouts per week
Improved accountability
One detailed nutrition & supplementation sessions every week
Ongoing Coaching Support* (See FAQ below)
Free assessment included




Get ALL the Platinum Package Perks PLUS:
– Unlimited access to both coaches
– Unlimited support
– Fresh Evolution Supplementation
delivered to your door providing:
– Pre-Workout Energy
– Post-Workout Recovery
– Refreshing sleep
– Improved Insulin levels and blood panels
– Improved body composition
– Stable energy and weight loss.

(Fresh Evolution Supplements are individually customized to YOU and feature only natural ingredients, with ZERO fillers, preservatives, artificial dyes or colors!)


Do you train in person?

Our Program Reviews and Gold and Platinum packages are delivered online. This allows our clients to perform their workouts at their leisure and in the environment they see fit.

Your workouts will be delivered via email in PDF form.

Nutrition sessions are performed via the best fit for the client: email, video chat, or phone call.

We are available to train in the Nashville area, with travel expenses covered by the client.

For those interested outside of the Nashville area, the VIP package is our best option.

How do you customize everything?

Both coaches will perform initial assessments with you to gather the information they need.

Alan will cover exercise and injury history, athletic ability, medical history, physical goals, and more.

Andy will cover current nutritional habits, preferred foods, problem foods, initial dietary strategy and more.

We can’t deliver the best results without gathering the proper information.

What does the Current Review entail?

The Current Review offer is an option for potential clients to get feedback on why their current exercise and nutrition programs are not delivering the results they’re seeking.

It also serves as a way for the client to get a feel for the Fresh Evolution training and nutrition methodologies.

We know it can be difficult to trust someone you don’t know.

But we are firm believers that once you sign on with us, you’ll love how you feel, how you look, and how you perform.

What does Ongoing Coaching Support provide?

Light Support in our Gold package provides ONE monthly Zoom video chat, access to a full library of coaching videos, and TWO emails per month.

Ongoing Support in our Platinum package provides ONE monthly Zoom video chat, access to our full library of coaching videos, and WEEKLY emails.

Unlimited Support in our VIP package provides unlimited Zoom videos chats, unlimited email access, and access to our full library of coaching videos.

How much does the VIP package

Our VIP package is intended for the higher-profile clients who need us to be available at a moment’s notice.

Due to the higher and unique demands on everyone involved, VIP package pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis.

How do I make payments?

Upon becoming a client, payments will be set up via credit card or checking account.

Payments will be scheduled for the same day of each month.

It is the client’s responsibility to keep track of their account and due date.

We will allow for ONE due date adjustment per client, if extenuating circumstances arise.