Would you like a healthier life? Crave a happier life? Have you lost your mojo? Feeling...stuck?

You've come to the right place!

"Andy's a coach, educator, and motivator for sure." - MaryGrace W. 

"Sitting here at my desk, and I feel like I can take on the world. Such has been the case for the last week. You were spot on about losing 7 lbs the first week as well. By this time 2 weeks ago I'd be dozing in front of my computer...This feeling I have from when I wake up till it's time for bed is like a drug, and I'm hooked. My wife will probably hug you next time she sees you." - Chris M. 

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A few kind words on Fresh Evolution Fitness from our clients and friends...

"...being available for the inevitable questions people have is a life saver. Health can seem like Latin to some people...I also like that I can ask for suggestions on workouts and you always have a new exercise or can tweak one to make it more effective. You're taking my goals and giving me a clear direction." - Sloane J.

"Your help has evolved with my progress. Starting with my fitness and food. Now I feel like you're helping me age better...And don't forget accountability. You're like Jiminy Cricket, lol." - LeeAnne W.

"You've taught me how to make healthier choices...motivating and PATIENT...improvements in strength, balance, and confidence...made me feel at ease right from day one..." - Deb L. 

"You listened to my challenges and treated me with respect beginning with our assessment...I am mentally stronger because I am getting physically stronger again." - Susie J.

"You helped me make better food choices...you always encouraged me when I needed it. You helped me see the positives even when they were tucked away in between negatives...You made me feel like I was your most important client..." - Kebel N.

"...I felt my blood flowing again! I don't know how to explain it but I was almost in tears because I have not felt this good without any pain killer!! Thank you Andy!!" - Claudia T. 

"...For 4 years I have continued to struggle with crossing the mark of 100 total pounds lost even with a good mix of running and gym work. I contacted Fresh Evolution Fitness for nutritional help and in just a matter of weeks, I am only a step away from 100...extremely helpful in letting me see where a few small changes in my diet resulted in large weight loss." - Kevin B. 

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